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USA: Materials Sciences Dow Innovations Win Three BIG Awards

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The chemical group Dow has received three innovation awards from the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) for breakthrough technologies. The awarded technologies comprise a novel kind of heat cure silicone, a neutral curing silicone for the bonding of glass, metal and building components as well as a disruptive technology for a new generation of wind blades.

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2021 marks the fifth consecutive year Dow technologies have been awarded BIG Innovation Awards.
2021 marks the fifth consecutive year Dow technologies have been awarded BIG Innovation Awards.
(Source: Dow)

Midland/USA — The Business Intelligence Group's Innovation Awards recognize organizations, products, and people that are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways. For the fifth consecutive year Dow technologies have been awarded BIG Innovation Awards. The award-winning technologies from Dow this year include a one-part, heat cure silicone based thermally conductive gel positioned as a leading material in optical transceiver in vital 5G telecom and data center applications. The material provides high thermal conductivity with electrical isolation, high extrusion rate (65 g/min), high compressibility, no silicone oil bleeding and ultra-low VOC. These unique properties enable use and rework ability of high-power density chipsets and electronic components for a sustainable solution. High thermal conductivity performance (above 6 W/mK) requires sophisticated composites engineered with a highly effective filler loading. The ability to combine composites with these high thermal and soft physical properties provides a unique differentiator to optoelectronic manufacturers.

The second award goes to Dow for a two-component, neutral curing silicone adhesive/sealant formulation specifically developed for the structural bonding of glass, metal and other building components. The material meets the European standard ETAG002. It exhibits excellent weathering properties and has high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat and humidity once cured. The new and improved version offers greatly improved elongation and a higher extrusion rate at a great value.

The group was also awarded for the world's first commercial polyurethane-carbon fiber spar cap for new generation of wind blades — Dow and Dow Aksa collaboratively debuted a disruptive technology marrying polyurethane chemistry and carbon fiber into a customized process, for a stronger and lighter composite material. Applied into the spar cap in modern wind blades, this technology accelerates our ability to meet the global growth demand for wind power and a sustainable energy future. This novel technology covers the range from chemistry to manufacturing hardware, enabling perfect impregnation of +10 MM carbon filaments, being the first in solving this industry challenge. The novel composite material demonstrated the best properties-productivity balance when compared with incumbent resins. This newly minted material exemplifies the power of science and its boundless potential in helping us build a more sustainable future.

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