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Temperature Control Temperature Control Water Bath is Safe to Use

Editor: Doris Popp

For more than 50 years, temperature control baths have been an integral part of the Memmert product portfolio. In 2020, the company introduced a new generation of water baths.

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Temperature control water bath
Temperature control water bath
(Source: Memmert)

According to Memmert, the new WTB is a prime example of successful design: modular, compact, with a well-thought-out operating principle and dynamic heating and control technology. It has been designed to fit on any laboratory bench. The rounded corners inside the basin make cleaning easy. With the standard drain tap, the basin can also be emptied without tilting. As standard, each temperature control bath is temperature-calibrated and adjusted before delivery. Readjustment by the user is possible at any time using two self-selected adjustment temperatures. The Memmert water bath also boasts a three-stage safety system. If the water level in the bath falls too low, the dry-running protection automatically switches off the heating. A soft start of the heating prevents critical temperature overshoots in the event of a safety shutdown. As a final safety instance, a thermal fuse on the heating element interrupts the circuit when a temperature of over +240 °C is reached. The touchscreen control of the new WTB water bath is intuitive. Individual selections such as set temperature, timer, alarm, two-point calibration and temperature display in °C or °F can be changed in the unit settings according to user preference.