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Spectrometry Compact Spark-OES Metals Analyzer

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Bruker announced the launch of the new Q4 Polo, a compact Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) with high analytical performance for a multitude of applications across the metals industry.

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The Q4 POLO is extending the capabilities of compact spark-OES.
The Q4 POLO is extending the capabilities of compact spark-OES.
(Source: Bruker)

The Q4 Polo extends Bruker’s line of benchtop OES systems, combining high precision elemental analysis capabilities with low cost of ownership and small footprint. In addition to its analytical performance for the large element range from lithium (Li) to bismuth (Bi), the Q4 Polo enables applications previously not addressable by such compact instruments, the company states, including:

  • High precision, particularly on light elements
  • Reliable results in the challenging analysis of cast iron
  • Reliable analysis of nitrogen at low ppm levels in low alloyed steels
  • Analysis of oxygen in copper

The device also offers long-term stability. The absence of thermal- and contamination-based drifts reduces the need for cleaning and recalibrations, leading to stable results around the clock. Bruker’s patented Automatic Ambient Compensation (AAC) ensures that the optical system keeps its focus by eliminating thermal drift. The new Argon Shield prevents contamination of the optical window during measurements. The active sensing digital Smart Spark source further improves analytical precision and long-term stability, enabling shorter measurement times. The coverage of the full elemental range is achieved by a unique electromagnetic light junction as core component of the Multi Vision optics.

The new Q4 Polo is a ready-to-analyze solution from day one, covering all relevant elements and wide concentration ranges. Each base metal package includes all dedicated alloy groups, calibrations, and standardization samples. At the same time, the device provides high uptime, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation.

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