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Condenser Waterless Air Condenser

Editor: Doris Popp

The Condensyn Waterless Air Condenser from Asynt is a proven ‘green’ replacement for water cooled condensers and suitable for greater than 95% of all chemical reflux applications.

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Condensyn Waterless Air Condenser
Condensyn Waterless Air Condenser
(Source: Asynt)

The Condensyn is a high-performance glass condenser requires no cooling water for operation. Unlike traditional Liebig condensers, which are cooled by a circulating fluid such as tap water, Condensyn eliminates issues with water leakage and potential laboratory flooding. Also, by not using cooling water the environmental impact of a lab is reduced as is the cost of water usage.

Offering clear visibility of ongoing experimental reflux, the Asynt Condensyn is easy to clean and maintain, whilst the incorporation of a non-roll feature helps prevent accidents if left on a lab bench. Asynt offers a range of Condensyn to optimally suit different capacity round bottom flasks.

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