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USA: Aseptic Filling Increasing Demand for Fill-Finish and Freeze Dryers: SP Doubles Global Manufacturing Capacity

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

To stay ahead of the ever-increasing global demand for its state-of-the-art fill-finish and lyophilization (freeze dryer) equipment, SP Scientific Products has more than doubled its worldwide manufacturing capacity.

Inside SP’s new large-scale manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, opened to increase capacity for SP i-Dositecno sterile fill-finish systems
Inside SP’s new large-scale manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, opened to increase capacity for SP i-Dositecno sterile fill-finish systems
(Source: SP)

Warminster/USA — With a new plant for fill-finish and lyophilization equipment, SP expands its production capacity. Central to this expansion is the opening of a new large-scale manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, for SP i-Dositecno sterile fill-finish systems. The company is also increasing its manufacturing headcount and streamlining many of its manufacturing processes. These strategic advancements are already ensuring reduced order-to-delivery lead times for its advanced aseptic pharmaceutical processing equipment.

SP i-Dositecno fill-finish systems are designed and manufactured in Barcelona as part of SP’s complete sterile handling solution, from bulk API to filled product. The new 4000 m2 facility in Barcelona has been built alongside its original factory, delivering a 100 percent increase in manufacturing space. Systems are already being built at the new facility and include the manufacturer’s modular sterile filling, stoppering and capping machines, such as its SP i-Dositecno Versa-Lines, Micro-Lines, Flexi-Lines and Ophtha-Lines. These are ideal for the lower-volume requirements of the growing number of biologic drugs for smaller patient groups — a key factor in the increased demand for SP’s highly configurable fill-finish and lyophilization equipment.

The company's global capacity expansion is also being facilitated by the reengineering of manufacturing at many of its other sites worldwide. At the Warminster facility, streamlined manufacturing processes have been adopted to reduce build time whilst importantly maintaining build quality of SP’s freeze dryers and fill-finish equipment. Such developments have enabled SP to recently deliver the world’s largest installation of commercial freeze dryers for Sars-Cov-2 diagnostics production in just four months. To further reduce lead times, SP is significantly building its global manufacturing workforce with the recruitment of quality and electrical engineers, project managers and production staff, as well as field service engineers to install and maintain the many new SP systems.

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