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Digitalization Strategy How Covestro Ensures Hands-Free Data Collection

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Labtwin, a company developing the world’s first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, announced an official collaboration with Covestro.

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Covestro and Labtwin to collaborate on the Lab of the Future.
Covestro and Labtwin to collaborate on the Lab of the Future.
(Source: Business Wire)

Berlin/Germany — The polymer manufacturer Covestro is operating a strategic digitalization program and continues to digitalize core areas. In this context, the company has purchased Labtwin’s digital lab assistant to increase R&D efficiency with mobile, smart, hands-free data capture and access at the bench.

Labtwin’s digital lab assistant automatically collects data from connected lab instruments and allows scientists to record voice notes from anywhere in the lab. The solution also talks scientists through protocols and records any deviations or out of specification results. The digital assistant will form part of Covestro’s wider digitalization strategy. According to the company, Labtwin is already having a significant impact on their R&D processes.

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