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New Line Focus on Accuracy and Saving Precious Samples

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Mettler Toledo offers its new XPR Excellence line which helps its users to focus on accuracy, ease of use, and saving precious samples. The line includes two new models and five new High-Performance Balance options.

The new XPR106DUH (left) and XPR226DR (right) will help you focus on accuracy, savings, and ease-of-use.
The new XPR106DUH (left) and XPR226DR (right) will help you focus on accuracy, savings, and ease-of-use.
(Source: Mettler Toledo)

The latest Excellence XPR Analytical and Micro-Analytical models — including the brand-new XPR106DUH, which is unique in the marketplace — are designed to outperform other balances. The addition of integrated antistatic protection (50 % off for a limited time) adds an even higher level of assurance when you weigh your smallest, most precious materials, shares the company.

Through design innovation, Mettler Toledo experts have increased maximum load in both full and fine ranges while maintaining repeatability. This means smaller samples can be weighed-in to heavier tare containers, resulting in greater ease and material savings, adds the firm. These benefits are further enhanced because of a reduced need to transfer or back-weigh very small samples for true "right first time" results.

The XPR106DUH closes the gap between the micro-analytical XPR56 and the analytical XPR226DR, providing a complete and seamless “know one, know all” portfolio of top performance balances from ultra-micro up to large platform precision balances. It is a perfect answer to the market trends towards smaller sample sizes, better minimum weight, more weighing accuracy and faster results, mentions the company.

To further improve accuracy and reduce uncertainties, five new XPR High-Performance Balance (HPB) models and the XPR106DUH offer trouble-free weight placement through a unique hanging pan that eliminates eccentricity errors. This new pan, along with other upgrades, means you can expect performance increases of up to 67 %, depending on model, opines the firm.

For a limited time only, you will receive integrated antistatic protection for 50 % off when you purchase either the XPR106DUH or XPR226DR analytical balance. This proprietary solution discharges static in seconds without generating turbulence in the weighing chamber to maximize accuracy and repeatability, concludes the company.


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