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Drug Delivery System First Dose Measuring Cannabis Vaporizer for the European Market to be Available Soon

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

German company Four 20 Pharma is entering into an exclusive cooperation with the American manufacturer of vaporizers, Ryah Medtech. The two companies plan to jointly launch a vaporizer with cannabis bud dosing capability in the third quarter of this year.

US company Ryha developed a vaporizer for Cannabis.
US company Ryha developed a vaporizer for Cannabis.
(Source: Ryah)

Paderborn/Germany — An exclusive cooperation between Four 20 Pharma and Ryah Medtech will introduce a new type of drug delivery system in Europe. Many cannabis patients are now able to benefit from a safe way of dosing and administering their medicine.

Founded in 2018 in New York, Ryah develops more precise methods of administering medicinal cannabis with its dose measuring vaporizers and the connectivity of the gathered data. The device-assisted dosing capability prevents, among other things, overdosing beyond the level of symptom relief. The dose measuring device is to provide patients and medical professionals with additional safety in the treatment with cannabis.

“Our new partnership with Four 20 Pharma allows Ryah to leverage Four 20 Pharma's clinical distribution network and compliance for herbal medicine in the region,” says Gregory Wagner, CEO Ryah Medtech. “The German herbal medicine market is an important growth market and this new distribution agreement with Four 20 Pharma is an integral part of our EU strategy and further accelerates this strategy,” Wagner adds. The Managing Director of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin e.V., Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, also welcomes the technological progress: “I am following with great interest the development of a new generation of vaporizers that allow to control the inhaled dose better and easier than before, thus giving doctors and patients more safety and furthermore improving the acceptance of a cannabis therapy.”