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Smart Lab by Labvolution Digital Conference: How Can Laboratories and Life Science Companies Ensure Sustainability?

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

In research and laboratories, the topic of sustainability is increasingly coming to the fore. Sustainability is therefore one of the three main topics of the digital conference Smart Lab connects, which will be held from 7 to 8 September 2021.

Sustainability is one of the three main topics of the digital conference Smart Lab connects, which will be held from 7 to 8 September 2021.
Sustainability is one of the three main topics of the digital conference Smart Lab connects, which will be held from 7 to 8 September 2021.
(Source: Labvolution)

Hanover/Germany — How can research be conducted sustainably in view of the large quantities of disposable plastic items, the high water and energy consumption or the use of substances that are hazardous to the environment and health? Can work in the laboratory be done sustainably? These and other questions will be discussed at the digital Smart Lab conference during the Sustainability Day on 7 September. The Sustainability Day is intended to bring this important topic into focus in a compact way: for researchers in their daily laboratory work who, for example, are concerned about the high plastic and resource consumption and are looking for solutions, but just as much for companies from the life sciences sector as well as laboratory construction and operation, who can contribute their very own approaches to solutions through innovation.

Participants at the Sustainability Day can look forward to contributions on topics such as “Plastics in the Lab”. The speakers will give suggestions and proposals for solutions that can reduce the use of plastic in everyday laboratory work.

  • The most sustainable plastic is the plastic you do not use — Tim Dillon, European Product Manager (Rainin), Mettler Toledo
  • Plastic consumables — trapped between vision and reality: Plastic laboratory consumables have been essential for modern research — Can we remove plastic from today's lab work again? — Dr. Jan Bebermeier, Global Marketing Manager Sample Management, Eppendorf
  • How Labcon Took ACTion to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from plastic parts — Scott Weitze, Labcon Lead Scientist

Participants will learn about specific things employees can do in the lab, what it takes to run a sustainable lab, and how incentives and programs can support the implementation of sustainability in the lab.

  • Creating a sustainable Life Sciences culture and mindset — Dr. Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt, NIUB Sustainability Consulting.
  • Reduce the costs for recirculating air sustainably now! — Peter Rebehn, Managing Director S.C.A.T. Europe
  • Pathways to Sustainability — Dr. Peter Neurieder, Managing Director, EGNATON e.V.
  • Take CaRe in your lab and institute — Dr. Jan Heidelberger, Member of the MPSN Steering Committee, Max Planck Sustainability Network
  • Power guzzler Internet — The underestimated CO2 source — Dr. Torsten Beyer, Internet consultancy
  • Many ways lead to the “hormone” — Determination of EE2 according to the requirements of the EU WFD taking into account sustainability aspects — Dr. Fabian Itzel, Team Leader Screening Procedure (LC&GC), Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology e.V.

Answers will also be given to the question of how life sciences companies can contribute to more sustainability in the laboratory and how they can implement it in their own company. The speakers will provide practical insights into sustainable science operations and life sciences companies.

  • Committing to Global and Local Responsibility — Dr. Annette Leue, Head of Digital Marketing and PR, Promega
  • Zero & 100: Cytiva's Sustainability Story — Ryan Walker, Sustainability Programme Director

Following the presentations in German and English, the speakers will reflect on the day in a panel discussion.

The Sustainability Day is organised by Deutsche Messe Hannover together with NIUB Sustainability Consulting.