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Industrial Decarbonisation Aston University to Improve Measurement of Industrial Carbon Dioxide

Source: Aston University

Researchers at Aston University are to take the UK a step nearer to net zero emissions by developing a better system of measuring industrial carbon dioxide. The project aims at taking the UK a step nearer to net zero emissions.

Aston University’s Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute want to jointly develop clearer guidelines about measuring carbon dioxide.
Aston University’s Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute want to jointly develop clearer guidelines about measuring carbon dioxide.
(Source: Ebri)

The UK government is giving Aston University 100,000 Pounds to improve measurement of CO2 streams from sites such as at power plants and factories. The Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (Ebri) at Aston University is to develop a comprehensive guide based on industry and academic expertise. The six-month project will be a collaboration between Ebri researchers and the company Progressive Energy and the Energy Institute. Progressive Energy will work alongside potential end-users and the Energy Institute will help to ensure the final guidelines are clear.

The work is being led by Dr Paula Blanco Sanchez, who has more than 15 years of experience in bioenergy. She said: “This funding will help Aston University to address a major gap in the decarbonisation pathway. It will contribute to the UK’s net zero target and is another example of how the University is using its expertise to tackle real world problems.

The funding has been awarded by the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (Idric) to achieve the net zero ambition set out in the UK Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy (2021).

“Our experts in Ebri will provide research, industrial experience and knowledge in areas such as gas measurement, metric and analytics, life cycle and techno-economic assessments, and thermal conversion processes.”

Dr Paula Blanco Sanche

Bryony Livesey, challenge director, Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge, UKRI, said: “The announcement of this funding continues to build upon IDRIC’s whole system approach to decarbonising industry, enabling the UK to remain at the forefront of a global low-carbon future. These successful Wave 2 projects will build evidence on a range of areas from economics and emissions to skilled jobs and wider net zero policy, supporting UK’s green growth and net zero ambitions.”

It’s hoped the Aston University project will lead to future collaborations and funding to support UK industry to decarbonise their businesses.


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