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Cold storage ULT Freezer with Drastically Reduced Energy Consumption

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

By re-designing the Cryo Cube F570 (all voltages), Eppendorf now offers this standard-sized ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer completely equipped with future-proof green cooling liquids and green insulation foam as well as better performance.

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Compared to its precursor, the F570n saves up to 30 % of power.
Compared to its precursor, the F570n saves up to 30 % of power.
(Source: Eppendorf)

Cryo Cube F570 is Eppendorf's standard ULT freezer for the lab. At -80 °C it can be filled with up to 400 freezer storage boxes.With the redesign, low energy consumption of down to 7,4 KWh/ day (-80 °C) is combined with powerful pull-down to -80 °C within 210 minutes and fast recovery back to -80 °C after door opening. It is designed for use in the lab on daily basis and keep samples safe at constant conditions.

Compared to its precursor, the energy consumption of the F570n has been reduced by 30 %. The updated Cryo Cube F570 series can be connected to Visionize Lab Suite for monitoring via Visionize box. The eLAB Inventory sample management software can support the smart Eppendorf storage solution of high-value samples.

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