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Germany: Lab Equipment Productive Liquid Handling with the Right Pipetting Solution

Editor: Alexander Stark

Life scientists, in particular, spend a great deal of time pipetting and required more productive tools. Integra turned its attention to driving innovation in this niche market, and offers novel solutions such as the Voyager adjustable tip spacing pipette, Grip Tips and the Assist Plus pipetting robot.

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Liquid handling with pipetts and pipetting robots from Integra
Liquid handling with pipetts and pipetting robots from Integra
(Source: Integra)

Biebertal/Germany — Voyager is the only electronic multichannel pipette offering automatic adjustment of tip spacing at the touch of a button for maximum flexibility. Single-handed, push-button adjustment of tip spacing allows parallel transfer of samples — from tubes to plates or 96- to 384-well formats — to be performed with ease, increasing speed and throughput.

For laboratories that prefer manual pipetting, Evolve pipettes replace the traditional single rotating plunger with three number lock dials that are quickly and easily set to the required volume. The company’s novel tip-pipette interface — Grip Tips — ensures trouble-free tip pick-up, eliminating the pick-up inconsistencies and failures that lead to misalignment across a multichannel pipette, leakage or even tips falling off. The snap-on design securely and effortlessly attaches the tip to any of the supplier's pipette, ensuring it is perfectly aligned and sealed, without any additional manipulation.

With regard to ergonomics, the company's compact Assist and Assist Plus pipetting robots enable automation of repetitive processes — such as serial dilutions, reformatting and set-up of assay plates — for flexible, reproducible and error-free pipetting at an affordable price. New applications are accessed by swapping to a different pipette, ensuring the systems will never become obsolete, and the pipettes can still be used manually when desired.

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