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Bioreactor System Production of Antibodies

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

Sartorius Stedim Biotech launched the Ambr 250 high throughput perfusion, an automated parallel bioreactor system.

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Ambr 250ht perfusion system
Ambr 250ht perfusion system
(Source: Sartorius)

It has been specially designed for rapid cell culture perfusion process development to optimize production of therapeutic antibodies. The Ambr 250ht perfusion system has been developed in collaboration with major biopharma companies. It combines 12 or 24 single-use perfusion mini bioreactors (100—250 mL working volume) with associated single-use perfusion components, all controlled by one automated workstation.

Central to the system is the novel perfusion bioreactor assembly. Intensified cell culture processing is enabled via new components such as high efficiency spargers, perfusion pump chambers and an industry standard hollow fibre for cell retention filter.

The combination of multi-parallel processing capacity and fully single-use perfusion vessel enables scientists to perform more perfusion culture experiments in shorter time and cost of using traditional bench top bioreactors. It supports a range of hollow fiber perfusion applications, enabling Design of Experiments studies for high cell density process development in a Quality by Design approach.

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