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New Series New Raman Spectrometer to Accelerate Analytical Workflows

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Anton Paar has recently launched the new Cora 5001 series of Raman spectrometers which provides excellent usability, speed, and quality of results owing to its innovative features. These spectrometers can be used for industrial as well as academic research.

Anton Paar has recently introduced the new Cora 5001 series of Raman spectrometers.
Anton Paar has recently introduced the new Cora 5001 series of Raman spectrometers.
(Source: Anton Paar)

Anton Paar, the specialist for high-precision analytical instruments, has recently introduced the new Cora 5001 series of Raman spectrometers. Innovative features such as an autofocus provide excellent usability, speed, and quality of results, mentions the company. The areas of use range from quality control applications to industrial and academic research.

According to the firm, the development of the second generation of its Raman spectrometers incorporated a lot of user feedback which resulted in an autofocus and specialized accessories for this compact benchtop instrument. Users will benefit from the unmatched speed of Raman spectroscopy and very easy workflows and it is possible to work with the spectrometer practically right out of the box, mentions the company.

Tailored solutions for liquid and solid samples

Different applications require different solutions. Cora 5001 is available either with a fixed measuring compartment or with a flexible fiber probe for measurements outside the instrument. A comprehensive range of sample holders completes the product portfolio.

Time-saving and on-spot

Finding the right focus is crucial for spectrometry results especially when opaque liquids, powders, or solids need to be measured. The Cora 5001 autofocus replaces time-consuming manual optimization by an automatic and precise adjustment of the motorized sample stage.

‘Dual-core’ Raman for a broad range of samples

To cover the widest range of samples the ‘Dual-core’ Raman option offers the choice of two different wavelengths (from 532 nm, 785 nm, and 1064 nm) in one instrument. Each Raman core is a fully equipped independent optical spectrometer system. This yields maximum signal while working around the possible fluorescence of samples by allowing users to change the excitation wavelength with the push of a button, opines the firm.

Laser Class 1 for safest use

The certified laser safety allows operation without the need for costly safety measures.

Compact and lightweight

The small footprint, low weight of less than 10 kg, and a battery option make these benchtop Raman instruments versatile tools for analytical tasks in-house or in the field, concludes the company.


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