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Data Quality New Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer System

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Shimadzu has recently unveiled the LCMS-9050 quadrupole Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer. The innovative solution ranks as one of the highest mass accuracy stability levels available and boasts of accuracy, acceleration as well as accommodation of the users’ needs.

Shimadzu has introduced the LCMS-9050 Q-TOF mass spectrometer.
Shimadzu has introduced the LCMS-9050 Q-TOF mass spectrometer.
(Source: Shimadzu)

Shimadzu is introducing the LCMS-9050 Q-TOF mass spectrometer. It features one of the fastest and most sensitive quadrupole technologies with TOF architecture to date. Its main characteristics can be summed up in three words: Accuracy, Acceleration and Accommodation of the users’ needs.

High stability for data accuracy

The LCMS-9050 is a quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer system that ranks as one of the highest mass accuracy stability levels available. Its proprietary high precision temperature control system inhibits even tiny mass variations caused by external factors so that the system can be used to measure accurate mass values without worrying about mass calibration. The ultra-stable polarity switching technology enables the simultaneous analysis of positive and negative ions, contributing to new applications development and heightened analysis efficiency, states the company.

More time for the real data

For an overall easy, efficient and enhanced analysis performance, the firm has simplified mass calibration, maintenance and other non-analysis procedures empowering users to spend less time on instrument management and more time on the real data. Plus, with the highest speed for MS/MS, the solution will accelerate the output of results even more, mentions the company.

Accommodation of customer needs

Requiring less effort, the solution is a new auxiliary for users enabling them to maintain their focus on research and a new amount and quality of data, shares the company. The firm’s renowned lineup of varied optional equipment ranging from the Dpims probe electrospray ionization unit up to the Nexera UC supercritical fluid extraction (SFE)/supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) system will help users tap the full potential of the LCMS-9050 Q-TOF and – most importantly – their own.


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