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High-Pressure Dosing Pumps New Manufacturing Process of Methanesulfonic Acid

Editor: Doris Popp

The high-pressure metering pumps form Knauer played an important role in the development of the new manufacturing process of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) directly from methane and sulfur trioxide.

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Knauer Dosing Pumps
Knauer Dosing Pumps
(Source: Knauer)

A tricky part of the new MSA synthesis is the precise metering of sulfur trioxide (SO3) into the chemical reactor. Sulfur trioxide is only liquid in a narrow temperature range between 32 and 44 °C, reacts violently when in contact with water and chars most plastics very quickly. This means that it is very difficult to handle. Knauer high-pressure dosing pumps are based on HPLC technology and inherently provide high chemical resistance, excellent flow rate precision, and low pulsation. However, pumping liquid sulfur trioxide required customization, especially with regard to plastic parts in the flow path. The powerful pump head heating offered by Knauer keep sulfur trioxide fluid even at low flow rates or necessary stops.

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