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Switzerland: Liquids Handling New Air Restriction Pipettor Complements Tecan's Robotic Platform

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Tecan has expanded the range of pipetting options for its Cavro Magni Flex OEM liquid handling framework with the creation of the Air Restriction Pipettor (ARP).

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The new ARP Technology provides a very broad volume range.
The new ARP Technology provides a very broad volume range.
(Source: Tecan)

Männedorf/Switzerland — Complementing the existing liquid displacement option based on the Cavro Pulssar PBC Pump, a new air restriction pipettor is well suited to molecular biology, immunoassay and genomics applications — including molecular diagnostics — increasing the potential range of applications for this versatile development platform.

Launched in 2019, the modular and scalable Magni Flex has proven popular for instrument development applications, with a range of sizes and options to match the needs of specific workflows. By offering a choice of liquid or air displacement pipetting using fixed or disposable tips, the company has now further extended the versatility of this OEM development platform. The new ARP Technology provides a broad volume range — from 1 μl up to 5 ml — for two, four or eight independent pipetting channels with variable tip spacing capabilities. It uses built-in temperature and pressure sensors to automatically adjust to varying liquid viscosities and types, as well as atmospheric conditions, to ensure reproducible and reliable liquid transfers. Combined with Tecan’s MAPlinx Software, a tool to streamline and simplify instrument development, the Cavro Magni Flex provides a versatile solution for the automation of liquid handling workflows.