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Ion Chromatograph HIC-ESP Ion Chromatograph with Built-in Suppressor

Editor: Doris Popp

Shimadzu has introduced the new HIC-ESP (Ion Chromatograph) featuring a built-in electrodialytic suppressor.

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The new Ion Chromatograph HIC-ESP with its built-in suppressor
The new Ion Chromatograph HIC-ESP with its built-in suppressor
(Source: Shimadzu)

This anion suppressor minimizes band spreading and achieves high sensitivity and reliable performance for the quantitative determination of anions. The suppressor is rugged, providing stable functionality over long periods of operation. Furthermore, the system’s small footprint requires less bench space. The HIC-ESP covers a wide range of applications in environmental testing, pharma, chemistry and food science. The HIC-ESP modular inert flow path system integrates a system controller, degasser, pump, CDD detector with temperature controlled flow cell, autosampler, slim-line oven and the anion suppressor. According to Shimadzu the new ion chromatography system combines a number of features providing reliable analytical results: Excellent solvent delivery performance, low carryover, fast injection speed (as low as 10 sec), high sample injection precision and repeatability, precise oven temperature regulation and more.

The new ICDS-40A anion suppressor is located between the IC column and the detector. The unit features a low-volume design combined with a multi-layered structure. With a folded membrane, it provides efficient electrodialytic background suppression and increased stability. The patent-pending design reduces peak spreading, increasing sensitivity for components with low retention such as fluoride, and improves separation from the water dip. The ICDS-40A allows for analysis as well as self-regeneration simultaneously, shortening analysis cycle time.