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Single Filter Clarification for Groundwater Samples

Improved Filtration Protocols for Soluble Metals in Water

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Large sample volumes and high particulate loads may cause fustrating and costly filter blockages in groundwater analysis. In-line filters with correct design and embedded pre-filters, enables rapid, high-throughput processing and high metal recovery.

Filter membranes with a pore size of 0.45 μm are used for in-field sample preparation to investigate groundwater for dissolved heavy metals. Depending on the sample volume and the particulate load of suspended matter, in-line filters with embedded pre-filters can significantly streamline the sampling process, in contrast to the use of syringe filters or single layer filters.

Additionally, loss of target heavy metal particles through adsorption, or the addition of heavy metal leachables from some filters may negatively impact results.

Comparison of filter parameters for high turbidity groundwater applications confirms a suitable protocol, based on throughput and particle reduction with a single device.

This white paper explains:

  • Why filtration of ground water is an essential step
  • How soluble heavy metals may impact water quality
  • An optimal groundwater heavy metal sampling protocol
  • Filter device extractables profile
  • Performance comparison across a range of devices

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