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Czech Republic: Plant-Based Medicine Garlic — Effective Defence Against Vampires and Bacteria

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Researchers from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague found new possibilities for use of garlic compounds in human medicine.

(Source: Public Domain / Pixabay )

Prague/Czech Republic — Garlic is a well-known example of natural self-defence system consisting of an inactive substrate (alliin) and enzyme (alliinase) which, when combined, produce highly antimicrobial allicin. The potential use of environmentally friendly and time-proved Allium chemistry in human or veterinary medicine (treatment of bacterial infections, reduction of blood pressure) or agriculture (plant protection, urease inhibitors in fertilizers) is great, and researchers from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague believe that their latest findings will contribute to the development of nature-based products harnessing the volatile nature of highly potent allicin.

The University of Chemistry and Technology is a natural centre of first-rate study and research in the area of chemistry in the Czech Republic and is one of the country's largest educational and research institutions focused on technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food chemistry, and environmental studies.

Read more in the original research article published in Plos One.

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