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Kjeldahl Anaylsis Enhances Kjeldahl Product Family for Every Application

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

German laboratory manufacturer C. Gerhardt completes its system portfolio for Kjeldahl analysis.

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The product range for Kjeldahl analysis from C. Gerhardt
The product range for Kjeldahl analysis from C. Gerhardt
(Source: C. Gerhardt)

With the new Vapodest 500, Turbotherm S and Vacusog German laboratory specialist C. Gerhardt completes the update of the Kjeldahl series and offers customer a large selection of devices for the Kjeldahl analysis. The brand new Vapodest 500 for nitrogen determination guides the user step by step through the set-up, calibration and analysis. With the comprehensive data management the tracking of samples is very simple. Suitable for a previous rapid digestion is the new Turbotherm S. As an evolution of the existing model, the new infrared digestor is now equipped with a new control unit with fully adjustable tilt angle and full color screen to monitor the digestion process. Last but not least C. Gerhardt adds a new scrubber unit to the product range. The 4-stage separation system with activated carbon filter makes the Vacusog distinctively effective, economical and quiet, as the company points out. As the device does not need any water supply the scrubber can be placed anywhere in the laboratory.

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