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Multichannel Pipettes Electronic Pipettes Ensure Reproducible Analysis in Microbial Evolution Research

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The adjustable tip spacing pipette Voyager and the Viaflo lightweight electronic pipette from Integra were designed to meet the demands of labs engaged in the field of agricultural research into microbial evolution.

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Voyager multichannel pipettes are the only automatic adjustable tip spacing pipettes on the market.
Voyager multichannel pipettes are the only automatic adjustable tip spacing pipettes on the market.
(Source: Integra)

Bacterial evolution studies involve analysis of large sample numbers, requiring streamlined, reproducible pipetting processes to effectively characterize the features of different strains. Dr Astrid Altamirano-Junqueira, who completed her doctoral studies into the evolution of bacterial motility in the School of Biological Studies at Reading University, discussed how these electronic pipettes aided her research. Her focus was on the effects of deleting the flagella master regulator gene — FleQ — in Pseudomonas fluorescens. She performed in-depth gene expression studies on more than 40 different FleQ knockout P. fluorescens strains, and identified a novel strain that had undergone a rewiring of the nitrogen pathway to restore flagella expression and motility. She then went on to explore how this new ‘swimmer’ strain was affected by nitrogen starvation.

The time savings that she gained from using the Voyage and Viaflo pipettes meant she could study more strains, as well as more culture conditions. This allowed her to gain as much information as possible for the strains, which was vital for multivariate analysis. She was even able to identify a novel ammonia transporter that, after genome sequencing, led to the discovery of a new strain. Thanks to Integra electronic pipettes she could perform all the PCR experiments and screen over 40 strains in just two weeks.

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