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Sample Preparation Conserve Precious Samples with a New Micro-Analytical Balance

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

Expensive, rare or toxic substances must be used sparingly. To conserve them, laboratory staff needs to be able to weigh-out very small samples with a high degree of accuracy. The design of the new XPR Micro-Analytical balance simplifies sample handling and helps ensure right-first-time results, even at low minimum weights.

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Conserve expensive, rare or toxic substances with the newly redesigned XPR Micro-Analytical balance.
Conserve expensive, rare or toxic substances with the newly redesigned XPR Micro-Analytical balance.
(Source: Mettler Toledo)

With the new XPR Micro-Analytical balance, it just became even easier to conserve materials, ensure accuracy, and save costs in the lab, manufacturer Mettler Toledo points out.

Supporting readabilities as low as 5 micrograms, XPR Micro-Analytical balances enable the user to weigh samples as small as 10 milligrams in accordance with the USP. Capacities up to 52 grams combined with extremely low minimum weights mean that very small samples can be conveniently weighed out into larger containers. The combination of smaller sample sizes with larger containers simplifies processes and eliminates the need for transfer, minimizing spills and material loss.

To further minimize material loss, special holders make it possible to dose directly into the tare container for weigh-in ease. This reduction in sample loss along with less rework and waste means an investment in an XPR Micro-Analytical balance quickly pays for itself.

To enhance accuracy, the XPR Micro-Analytical balance has the ability to sense, measure and eliminate electrostatic charges — even when you are weighing static-prone powders. Features such as Levelcontrol and GWP Approved ensure all relevant weighing conditions are satisfied before you weigh, providing additional assurance your results are valid.

Combining an XPR Micro-Analytical balance with Mettler Toledo’s LabX software enables easy connection to your lab information-management system and other Excellence lab instruments. With automated data recording, calculation and transfer, the LabX-XPR combination provides effortless data integrity that keeps you compliant with stringent regulatory guidelines including MHRA and FDA 21 CFR part 11.

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