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Cannabis Online Congress

Cannabis - from Analysis to Application

Cannabis Online Congress

Cannabis - from Analysis to Application


Cannabis products are a multi-billion dollar market - whether as drugs, in food or e-liquids. In our three-hour online conference, scientists and selected companies will tell you more about this topic.

For sveral years, medical cannabis has been available for a range of therapies in many parts of the world. However, the ingredients of the plant are not only used in medicine; they are also processed in liquids for e-cigarettes, teas and other food products. This broad field of application makes it necessary to know the exact composition of the individual ingredients. Analytical methods make an important contribution here in order to produce the products in the appropriate quality. A wide range of techniques such as chromatography (HPLC or GC) coupled with various spectroscopic detection methods are used. In addition, moisture measurement and sample preparation also play an important role in ensuring that the raw products are of consistent composition.   

In the online conference you will learn more about
  • How the approval process of cannabis products works.
  • How moisture measurement using infrared differs from the classical gravimetric method and what advantages it offers.
  • How the chromatographic method development for cannabis samples succeeds.
  • What ion spectroscopy can do in cannabis analysis.

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