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Germany: Artificial Intelligence Bonneville Labs to Implement Labtwin's Digital Assistant

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Labtwin announced a partnerships with CA-based life science shared lab facilities Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch. Both groups provide smart lab facilities to scientists and emerging biotech companies.

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Labtwin is the world's first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant.
Labtwin is the world's first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant.
(Source: Labtwin)

Berlin/Germany — Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch have selected Labtwin’s digital assistant to augment their smart lab capabilities and allow their resident scientists to be more productive, spend more time focused on their experiments and make informed data-driven decisions.

Labtwin is a tool for scientists, using voice command to access information, run through protocols or take notes while they are performing experiments at the bench. The company works alongside scientists to collect data, connect internal and external information streams, help manage experiments and streamline documentation. It is a mobile solution that stays with the scientist, granting access to information or instruments from anywhere in the lab.

Marie Rippen, CEO of Lab Launch, explains that a state-of-the-art smart lab means bringing in the most innovative tools for scientists and entrepreneurs. The tool gives biotech startups an intelligent, AI-powered digital assistant to eliminate time-consuming manual note-taking and help them automatically structure their data. According to Magdalena Paluch, co-founder and CEO of Labtwin, the assistant further reduces the cognitive load on scientists by tracking timers, scheduling events, ordering stock and more, all while working completely hands-free.

Guru Singh, Head of Growth of Labtwin, hopes that by partnering with Californian coworking lab spaces like Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch, his company can make their technology available to many more scientists and innovative startups who are conducting experiments and bringing important discoveries to market.

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