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Drum Blenders Blending Bulk Materials

Editor: Doris Popp

Mixomat drum blenders are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry for blending bulk materials.

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(Source: Converm)

They are produced by Fuchs and ideal for not optimally free-flowing powders and granules the company states. The Mixomat drum blender program is modularly designed and includes blenders for all types of container sizes and applications.

The laboratory blender Mixomat A is ideal for carrying out on-demand blending using containers of 3 to 26 litre capacities with a maximum working load of 25 kg. This blender is fitted with the same characteristics of the large-sized drum blenders and can be directly used on site or in laboratory environment. The Mixomat A can also be fitted with a second drum holder and is, as an option, available as comfort series or ecoline version. The blending drum is filled to a maximum of 70% of its capacity and rotated around its own axes during a preselected blending time. Because the blending drum is mounted at an inclined position on the drum holder, the blending effect is three-dimensional. Blending is carried out gently and free of residuals.

The Mixomat A comfort series is controlled by a PLC (Siemens Logo 8) and includes a HMI colour 4” touch screen, a main and an emergency switch, a speed regulation from 7 to 35 rpm, programming of the blending time and recipes. The lower cost ecoline blender version includes a main switch, a start and a stop switch. A powerful 230 V single-phase DC geared-motor drives the blender by means of a roller chain. The blender is supplied with a 3 m mains cable without plug.

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