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Enzyme Analyzer Automated Analyzers Streamline Enzyme Assay Applications

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Multi-enzyme analysis can now be achieved through a single, fully-automated enzyme analyzer, benefiting industrial enzyme manufacturers and enzyme users in the food, beverage, biopharmaceutical, fuel ethanol and chemical, and solid waste management industries.

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Thermo Scientific Gallery Enzyme Master analyzers
Thermo Scientific Gallery Enzyme Master analyzers
(Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific)

The new Thermo Scientific Gallery Enzyme Master and Thermo Scientific Gallery Plus Enzyme Master analyzers are the first automated discrete analyzers designed specifically for enzyme assay applications. The systems combine hardware and new custom-designed software to deliver fully automated incubation settings, reagent additions and precise measurement calculations, all at the touch of a button. By automating these critical steps, the analyzers streamline method development and deliver reliable results for enzyme analysis.

The Gallery Enzyme Master systems can handle many different enzyme assays and measuring conditions. The analyzers offer efficient and reliable enzyme analysis across a wide range of industries — from enzyme manufacturers to the animal feed and pet food industry — and have the flexibility to be used in applications from method development to routine analysis.

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