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Mass Spectrometry Software Accelerates Small-Molecule Characterization

Editor: Doris Popp

Pharmaceutical scientists are now able to overcome challenges associated with the identification and characterization of small molecules and their fragments with Thermo Scientific Mass Frontier 8.0 software, which quickly translates complex data into actionable, sharable knowledge.

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The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap IDX
The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap IDX
(Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific)

According to Thermo Fisher Scientific the software enables scientists to go from complex data to actionable, sharable insights by making unknowns known through searching deconvoluted components against mz Cloud, a comprehensive mass-spectral database. In combination with the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid Mass Spectrometer supporting the Thermo Scientific Aquire X intelligent MSn data acquisition strategy, Mass Frontier 8.0 software can be used to capture more low-abundance analytes through streamlined data analysis and mass spectral prediction tools. This eliminates the labor-intensive and time-consuming steps analysts face when identifying small-molecules and their respective fragments using traditional solutions, providing greater insights, understanding and confidence when turning data into actionable knowledge.

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