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Bioreactor 3D Cell Cultivation System

Editor: Doris Popp

The new Cero system from OLS Omni Life Science is a benchtop 3D incubator and bioreactor, suited to culture spheroids, organoids and human tissue specimen.

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3D cell cultivation system Cero
3D cell cultivation system Cero
(Source: Ralf Ketterlinus)

The Cero bioreactor delivers a benchtop cell culture system with controlled temperature, CO2, pH and agitation of up to four 50 ml culture vessels. Optimized protocols and automatic procedures accelerate cell expansion, differentiation and maturation for optimized cell yield, enabling reduced media consumption and increased work productivity. What makes Cero unique is the ability to keep cells and aggregates in floatation with virtually no shear force. This feature stems from a combination of tube rotation with proprietary patented tube design, which allows for healthy long-term cultures for up to several months. According to the company this provides more mature and functional validated cells.

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