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Diaphragm Liquid Pump With Adjustable Flow Rate

Editor: Doris Popp

The new diaphragm liquid pump FP 150 is the KNF’s second pump series based on a 5-membrane design that combines the advantages of diaphragm pump technology with the benefits of gear pump technology.

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FP 150 diaphragm pump
FP 150 diaphragm pump
(Source: KNF)

The FP 150 is self-priming, safe to run dry and at the same time the very low pulsation level makes secondary measures to avoid pulsing superfluous. Depending on the system set-up and speed, the values at the pump outflow at nominal flow rate are below 150 mbar, meaning that sensitive media are transferred gently. Another feature of the new diaphragm liquid pump is the infinitely adjustable flow rate. The FP 150 boasts a maximum flow rate of 1.3 l/min, with linearity between 10 and 100 percent of this value. Not only that, but it is capable of resisting a back pressure of up to 2 bar. The pump is able to handle liquid samples for the preparation and transfer them for analysis without contamination. It also supplies the system with the cleaning agents needed for the various cleaning cycles. With a choice of EPDM, PTFE or FFKM diaphragms, the pump can be equipped for applications involving very aggressive media.

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