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Temperature Control Water Bath: Compact Design and Ease of Operation

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The South German laboratory equipment manufacturer Memmert presents one of its classics with modern comfort features and a contemporary design: the new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.

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The new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.
The new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.
(Source: Memmert)

The Memmert water bath WTB is new, improved and ready to meet the demands for modern industries and applications. The water bath is the solution for temperature control of ointments, samples, nutrient solutions as well as plates. Furthermore, it provides assistance in the warm storage and calibration in the industrial segment.

Intuitive menu navigation, practically built, easy water drainage system with little worries about cleaning, accessories friendly, and perfect temperature calibration make the water bath WTB a must-have for industry professionals seeking to be on the cutting edge for carrying out their respective applications.

Six model sizes offer adequate space options ranging from 7 to 51 litres. Their dimensions and compact ergonomic design are perfect for fitting in as lightweight appliances which can be accommodated into different laboratory sizes. With the design credo being all about a balance of aesthetics, functionality and operating optimization, the water bath WTB was designed.

The operating concept impresses with its intuitive and convenient menu navigation. A particular highlight: Thanks to the personalisable remote viewing through the CustomView, you always have an eye on the important information.

Temperature range up to +100 °C, different accessories such as Peltier cooling unit, shaking device and gable cover among others come with the models. In so far as the expandability of the water bath is concerned, with unique applications in mind, the circulation pump, shaking device and test tube holder can be expanded at any time. The stainless steel tray has rounded corners and a drain valve as standard.

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