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Heating Block Versatile Single Experiment Heating Block

Editor: Doris Popp

Drysyn Uno is a versatile new heating block system designed by Asynt to enable chemists to perform heated and stirred experiments in single flasks and vials.

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Drysyn Uno — a versatile new heating block system
Drysyn Uno — a versatile new heating block system
(Source: Asynt)

The Drysyn Uno uses Drysyn Multi inserts to convert any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block platform for a single flask from 500 ml down to 5 ml. It also allows to use Drysyn Reaction Vial inserts to undertake securely held heated/stirred experiments in a wide variety of different sized vials. The modular Drysyn Uno system offers unmatched experimental versatility in a small footprint. Used in combination with a standard hotplate stirrer, Drysyn heating block units are widely proven to outperform the heat-conducting properties of oil baths. They pose a far lower fire risk and eliminate the messy and time-consuming need to remove residual oil contamination from the outside of your glassware. In addition to accelerating chemical reactions — Drysyn heating blocks ensure a safer, cleaner, healthier working environment.

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