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China: Graphene Research Transforming Graphene's Scientific Research into Real World Applications

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The recently launched Technical Standards Development and Application Demonstration Base of Graphene-Modified Lubricant at Liugong’s Global R&D Center in Liuzhou marks the first base in China that concentrates on the transformation of graphene’s scientific research into real world applications.

Liugong intends to complete 3 kinds of graphene-modified lubricants in 2 years and achieve the application in Liugong’s CE products in 5 years.
Liugong intends to complete 3 kinds of graphene-modified lubricants in 2 years and achieve the application in Liugong’s CE products in 5 years.
(Source: Liugong)

Liuzhou/China — Graphene has been called “the king of the new materials” by the scientists since it has the best electric and thermal conductivity with the thinnest thickness and maximum intensity. Additionally, the lubricant industry shows great market potential. At present, the annual output of lubricants in China is more than 5 million tons with more than a 200-billion-yuan market (approx. $ 30 billion) volume, which could be doubled by 2022.

Co-built by the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry and Guangxi Liugong Machinery the cooperation also includes building a joint laboratory and undertaking independent test tasks from other companies in the future. The initiative will not only push the R&D and innovation of graphene-modified lubricant products at Liugong, but also gives Liugong a chance to participate in the draft of industry standards directly.

The Chinese company has achieved substantial breakthroughs in the development of grapheme-modified lubricants, not only in the practice of dispersion stability of graphene and graphene lubricants formulation, but also has established a standard and evaluation system for the determination of graphene additives. The specific lubricants modified by graphene materials have shown significant improvements in the resistance and friction reduction against extreme pressure. This provides a new breakthrough for the solutions to solve the long-term recessive problems such as the wear and noise of key components under tough conditions.

Liugong intends to complete three kinds of graphene-modified lubricants in two years and achieve the application in their CE products in five years. The intentions also include the launch of correlative products and parts, and subsequently to influence the relative industries such as automobile and steel. Relying on the new products and technology developed from the graphene, the industrial output value of Liugong Lubricants Company is expected to increase by 20 %.

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