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Heating and cooling Temperature Control for Demanding Applications

Editor: Dipl.-Chem. Marc Platthaus

With their high heating and cooling capacities and forward-facing control, the new Dyneo series from Julabo is designed for modern laboratories.

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Dyneo series
Dyneo series
(Source: Julabo)

Their display is suitable for industrial environments and easily readable even from a distance. With a large selection of models, such as immersion circulators, refrigerated circulators, and heating circulators, for use with a bath or in a closed loop. The refrigerated circulators have a temperature range of -50 to 200 °C with a heating capacity of 2 kW. Pump capacity of the DD models is 22 l/min with pressure of 0.6 bar. DS models are equipped with higher performance pressure/suction pumps with a flow rate of 23.5 l/min and pressure of 0.45 bar (pressure) and 0.4 bar (suction). Dyneo immersion circulators are delivered with a stable and robust bath clamp and can be mounted on any container up to 50 liters in volume. The heating circulators for internal and external applications are available for applications of 4 to 26 liters and are equipped with an integrated cooling coil for counter-cooling. An integrated drain tap makes emptying the tank safe and clean. Achema: Hall 4.2, Stand J38

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