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Pumps/Explosion Protetction Tackling Explosive Challenges

Editor: Dominik Stephan

To tackle the challenge of handling processes in potentially explosive atmospheres or conveying explosive gases, Pfeiffer launches a new magnetically coupled pump.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum magnetically coupled rotary vane pump with ATEX certification
Pfeiffer Vacuum magnetically coupled rotary vane pump with ATEX certification
(Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

The Duo 11 Atex rotary vane pump, which meets Atex directive 2014/34/EU, has been classified as equipment category 3G and temperature class T4 and can convey all gases up to and including explosion group IIC. The pumping speed is 9 m³/h at 50 Hz and 10.5 m³/h at 60 Hz. The Duo 11 ATEX is equipped with a frictionless magnetic coupling. The extra safety which the magnetic coupling provides is important in explosive atmospheres: without shaft seal rings, it is impossible for media inside the pump to escape out through faulty shaft seal rings.

Explosion-proof equipment is required in many types of applications: potentially explosive gases are used in numerous industrial processes. Hazardous gas atmospheres are present in applications such as research experiments, various industrial processes, biotechnology, and chemistry laboratories. Gas filling machines are also vulnerable to a massive risk of explosion. The new Duo 11 ATEX from Pfeiffer Vacuum can be used in all these areas.

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