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Cell Exposure System System for the Exposure of Lung Cell Cultures to Aerosols

Editor: Doris Popp

The Vitrocell Cloud Alpha 12 is a new cell exposure system for virus research, testing of inhaled drugs, chemicals and nanoparticles at the air/liquid interface (ALI).

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Vitrocell Cloud Alpha 12
Vitrocell Cloud Alpha 12

The Vitrocell Cloud series presents a great leap forward in automated exposure of cell cultures, Vitrocell Systems said in a recent press release.. It combines reliable exposure of cell cultures from the respiratory tract with ease of use. There is a solution for all major insert formats: 6-, 12-, 24- and 96-well. Its functionality enables fully automated processes with an all-in-one control unit. As a result, everyday experiments at the air/liquid interface have never been easier.

The Cloud system is suitable for nebulization of solutions and suspensions. In response to the scientific need to expose in physiologically relevant conditions, the Vitrocell Cloud Alpha exposure devices have been specifically designed to enable direct exposure of mammalian cells or tissue at the air/liquid interface. In this case the cell cultures are not covered with media, as opposed to submerged conditions which cause an undesired interaction of the formerly airborne substances with the culture media. Key features of the series include an integrated controller for aerosol generation, optional integrated microbalance controller to assess the deposited mass, defined experiment recipes, automation of the experiment by nebulization time or by user-defined volume, output rate database for nebulizers, heating system, and an optional Powervent function for evacuation of potentially residual aerosols using a vacuum pump.