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Switzerland: More Sustainable Agricultural Production Syngenta Announces Appointment of Chief Sustainability Officer

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Syngenta has appointed Alexandra Brand, previously Regional Director for Europe, Africa and Middle East, to the new position of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

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Alexandra Brand, Syngenta Chief Sustainability Officer
Alexandra Brand, Syngenta Chief Sustainability Officer
(Source: Business Wire)

Basel/Switzerland — Alexandra Brand will lead the newly created Business Sustainability Group to evolve existing sustainability initiatives including The Good Growth Plan and to drive forward the company’s sustainability agenda. The group aligns the company’s Regulatory Affairs, Sustainability and Stewardship, External Affairs and Communications activities. As CSO, Brand will report directly to CEO Erik Fyrwald.

In making the announcement, Syngenta CEO Erik Fyrwald said that the company needs to have sensible discussions with governments, NGOs, academics and the food chain on the regulatory, policy and societal challenges. He also said, that his company wants to have new and different conversations about what more sustainable agriculture will mean in the future. The newly created position of CSO will have a central role in leading this approach.

Alexandra Brand said: “We are looking to create new partnerships and work together with groups we might not have worked with in the past. We will build on the significant achievements of The Good Growth Plan, with even greater transparency and commitment from Syngenta to further improve the sustainability of global agriculture.”

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