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Support System Support System for Laboratory Scale Reactions

Editor: Doris Popp

The Reactomate Datum from Asynt is a dual-rod stainless steel and aluminium support system built to ensure the stability and safety of lab reactors.

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The ReactoMate DATUM from Asynt
The ReactoMate DATUM from Asynt
(Source: Asynt)

The compact system can accommodate a wide range of reaction vessels from 100 mL up to 5000 mL. The novel neck clamp allows fast changeover between reactor vessel sizes thereby enabling simple reaction scale-up, whilst the mounting mechanism ensures stability and alignment.

The Reactomate Datum support system is compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrers and circulator heating/cooling systems. Low-friction polymer bearings line both the overhead stirrer alignment chuck and the neck support to ensure smooth and easy operation. Each Datum system is supplied with a moulded drip tray that fits perfectly within the base of the support, for safely catching any drips and spills from the reaction vessel during draining.