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Bioreactor Control System Smart Bioprocessing with a new Control System

Editor: Doris Popp

With the Scivario twin, Eppendorf, introduces its latest bioreactor control system for small- and bench-scale applications.

SciVario twin bioreactor control system.
SciVario twin bioreactor control system.
(Source: Eppendorf)

The intelligent controller and new, innovative bay-drawer system enables the exchange of standardized modules to flexibly adapt the controller to the changing requirements in a laboratory. The bioprocess controller is equipped with Visionize touch interface for easy connectivity to the Visionize digital lab enabling remote monitoring of processes and custom notifications to users’ mobile devices. Further intelligent recognition of connected devices and default-settings reduce the risk of operational errors.

All accessories are automatically identified and allow a switch from one to another vessel variant within less than 5 minutes, as quoted in a press release. For added flexibility, fourteen integrated TMFCs allow control of microbial and cell culture applications alike without the need to change any hardware components. Additional bioreactor vessel sizes up to 50 L and new functional modules are future introductions by Eppendorf along with free intuitive software updates.