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Turbolab Series Small Device for a High Vacuum

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

With the Turbolab Core, vacuum specialist Leybold is launching a small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system for research and laboratory and industrial applications.

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Turbolab Core is a small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system.
Turbolab Core is a small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system.
(Source: Leybold)

A compact tabletop unit fills the gap for entry-level vacuum needs within Leybold's Turbolab series. The new Turbolab Core generates a clean, dry, stable high and ultra-high vacuum. The series is now available in a total of five variants featuring Turbovac 90 i and 250 i backed by Divac 1.4 and now covers the complete application spectrum for R&D and analytical applications.

The ergonomic, cost-effective system includes the oil- and maintenance-free Turbovac i turbomolecular pump, the Divac 1.4 dry diaphragm backing pump and a simple controller. This provides users with the benefit of easy serviceability.

The equipment of the robust, low-noise high-vacuum system is geared to the specific ambient conditions of laboratories and research facilities: This is one of the reasons why the compact pumping station frame stands on rubber feet. Both the operation and the control of the Turbolab Core are intuitive and user friendly — the controller also serves as a speed and pressure display. Optionally, the Turbovac i as well as the backing pump Divac can be started up with a time delay or pressure-dependent.