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Russia: Assessment of Polymer Pipe Quality Sibur Polylab’s Test Laboratory Accredited by Government Agency

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The test laboratory of the Sibur Polylab research centre has been accredited by Rus-Accreditation to certify that the lab possesses the required technical expertise in research and that such research produces accurate and reliable results. As Rus-Accreditation is a signatory of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation’s mutual recognition agreement (Ilac MRA), the research results from the lab are now to be recognised internationally.

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Sibur's Polylab has been accredited by Rus-Accreditation.
Sibur's Polylab has been accredited by Rus-Accreditation.
(Source: Sibur)

Moscow/Russia – It took only a year for Sibur Polylab to obtain the accreditation, even though for new R&D centres this process usually lasts for about three years. This was made possible due to the a number of efforts on part of the lab: it arranged for the training of its employees in polymeric material research at the leading R&D centres and successfully implemented a quality management system in accordance with the accreditation requirements of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Gost ISO/IEC 17025.

The lab offers multiple research methods for various uses, including piping and fibres, flexible and rigid packaging, and compounds. The scope of accreditation primarily covers the research conducted to assess polymer pipe quality. For the purposes of further certification, the laboratory may evaluate other important indicators such as internal hydrostatic pressure resistance, type and class of soot distribution, and thermal stability. Every month, the lab can test pipes for two or three partners of Sibur.

With the accreditation of film research methods, the centre can certify the barrier properties of BOPP film used in food packaging, including the degree of oxygen and vapour permeability.

The Polylab collaborates with partners in polymer research, equipment choice consultations, selection of analytical methodologies and laboratory accreditation. The research carried out in the lab's test laboratory provides analytical support to the company's production processes, while also underpinning product quality improvements, homologation of new grades, and recycling and reuse projects.

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