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Germany: Climate Change
There Was No Pause in Global Warming
In a recent study, researchers shed light on the debate about a pause in global warming. James S. Risbey from CSIRO in Australia, lead author of one of the new studies said that their findings showed that there is little or no statistical evidence for a pause in global warming. Neither current nor historical data support it. more
Age-Related Decline in Neurogenesis
Why our Sense of Smell Declines in Old Age
As mammals age, their sense of smell deteriorates. In a study published in the journal ‘Cell Reports’, an interdisciplinary research team at Helmholtz Zentrum München and the University Medical Centre Mainz investigated why this is the case. more
DNA Origami — Measuring Tool for Perfect Antibodies (Scientific Image of the Day)
Organisms, cell structures and molecules made visible in absolute detail, experimental setups viewed from short distance and much more. Our gallery 'Scientific Image of the Day' provides a lot of exciting insights into the world of science — just one click away. more
Sweden: Genetic Diversity
Loss in Genetic Diversity of Eastern Gorillas Has Occurred in Just a Few Generations
The critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla has recently lost genetic diversity and has experienced an increase in harmful mutations. These conclusions were reached by an international team of researchers who sequenced eleven genomes from eastern gorilla specimens collected up to 100 years ago, and compared these with genomes from present-day individuals. more
Austria: Recovery of Limb Function
How Bionic Prostheses Use Peripheral Nerve Transfers to Function
Modern prostheses offer patients who have had a hand amputated much greater capability in everyday life than was possible with previous prosthetic reconstructive techniques. Redundant nerves from the amputated extremity can be surgically transferred to provide a much better connection between the patient’s body and the prosthesis. more
Norway: Diabetes Research
Pancreas Cells Can Change Identity to Produce Insulin
Norwegian researchers have found that neighbour-cells can take over functions of damaged or missing insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. The discovery may lead to new treatments for diabetes. more
The Netherlands: Paints and Coatings
Akzo Nobel Announces its "Paint the Future" Startup Challenge
Calling all startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators, Akzo Nobel started the first edition of its "Paint the Future - the startup challenge" to discover new and revolutionary solutions that are intended accelerate innovation in the world of paints and coatings. more
Switzerland: Biochemical Reagents
Global Distribution Agreement Between Merck and Roche Renewed
Merck and Roche have agreed to renew their current distribution agreement for the Biochemical Reagents and Kapa Biosystems product portfolios, as well as select real-time quantitative PCR & Nucleic Acid Purification products. more
Germany: Green Chemistry
New Catalysis Concept Obtains Polyester from Castor Oil
Researchers at the University of Konstanz presented a new way of obtaining polyester from fats and oils, more specifically, from castor oil. A well-known and chemically established building block that can be obtained from castor oil is Undecenol. more
Germany: Green Solutions
Covestro and TU Berlin to Focus on Sustainable Chemistry Solutions
Both the organisations are further enhancing their collaboration by focussing on green solutions for chemistry as well as Industrial Engineering. Together, they have already organised a raw materials summit which showcased alternative, non-fossil raw materials for chemistry. more
Hydrogen Production
Nanostructured Tubes Could Make Water Electrolysis More Efficient and Flexible
Working together with external partners, chemists, materials scientists and chemical engineers at FAU have developed an innovative microcell for water electrolysis. They hope to replace standard plate electrodes used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen with compact, nanostructured tubes. They aim to simplify production, increase flexibility of use and avoid the need for expensive precious metals. more
Analytical And Micro-Analytical Balances
New Balances for Valid Results Every Day
Mettler Toledo is launching a new series of XPR Analytical and Micro-Analytical Balances designed to free samples from electrostatic charges for exceptional accuracy and right-first-time results. With a strong focus on regulatory compliance, when connected to LabX laboratory software, these balances support data integrity. more
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