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UK: Rising BMI
People on the Countryside Are More Likely to Become Obese
Obesity is increasing more rapidly in the world’s rural areas than in cities, according to a new study of global trends in body-mass index (BMI). more


Japan: Climate Change
Tsunami Signals: A New Method to Measure Glacier Shrinking
International Scientists have employed a new method utilizing tsunami signals to calculate the calving magnitude of an ocean-terminating glacier in northwestern Greenland, uncovering correlations between calving flux and environmental factors such as air temperature, ice speed, and ocean tides. more
Switzerland: Behaviour of granular substances
When Sand Flows
Sand, coffee grounds and rice behave very differently than water or oil, but under certain conditions they will suddenly exhibit astonishing similarities. Scientists oft the ETH Zurich in collaboration with international colleagues have found a way to better understand the behaviour of granular materials. more


Medical & Laboratory Equipment with drive
FAULHABER drive components are the first choice for robotics and automation in the medical industry. Being certified for medical products according to EN ISO 13485, these drive systems are becoming increasingly important to gain in efficiency, comfort & cost savings. Read more about FAULHABER here...
Facts and Figures of the Global Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
Our image gallery shows several different statistics about the chemical and pharmaceutical industry from all over the world. Keep this image gallery boomarked because we will update it from time to time as well. more
USA: Oceanography and Weather Forecasts
Ocean Activity is Key Indicator for Summer Monsoons
MIT scientists have found that an interplay between atmospheric winds and the ocean waters south of India has a major influence over the strength and timing of the South Asian monsoon. Their results may help researchers interpret ancient monsoon variations, predict future activity in the face of climate change. more
Spain: Chagas Disease
Parasites with a Dangerous Cargo
Researchers from the University of Granada announced progress in Chagas disease research. The disease affects over 8 million people worldwide and there is currently no treatment. Their findings may prove invaluable in designing new drugs to tackle this disease. more
Germany/UK: Artificial Neurons
Computing Chip that Works Like a Brain
Researchers from the Universities of Münster (Germany), Oxford and Exeter (both UK) have succeeded in developing a piece of hardware which could pave the way for creating computers which resemble the human brain. The network is able to “learn” information and use this as a basis for computing and recognizing patterns. more
MIT Spinout Seeks to Transform Food Safety Testing (Scientific Image of the Day)
Organisms, cell structures and molecules made visible in absolute detail, experimental setups viewed from short distance and much more. Our gallery 'Scientific Image of the Day' provides a lot of exciting insights into the world of science — just one click away. more
Norway: Maritime Technology
Safer Ship Inspection with Autonomous Drones
Inspecting ship tanks and storage spaces underwater is a challenging task for humans. A start-up company that originated at Norway's NTNU is manufacturing autonomous drones that can do the job reliably and more cheaply. more
UK: Space Exploration
Nasa Lander Captures First ‘Marsquake’
The Nasa Insight lander has recorded its first likely ‘marsquake.’ Seismic vibrations of the Martian surface were detected by a set of silicon sensors developed in the UK. more
Finland: Sustainable Solutions
Neste My Renewable Jet Fuel Awarded for Reducing Black Carbon Emissions
Neste My Renewable Jet Fuel is an innovative solution which claims to reduce the amount of black carbon emissions from aviation fuel. Research on the impact of renewable aviation fuel on particulate emissions is still in progress. more
Saudi Arabia: Sensor Technology
Tamper-Proof Pill Bottle Keeps Drugs Safe
A smart pill bottle that sends wireless alerts when it detects tampering, overdose or unsafe storage conditions is just one of many potential health applications for new sensor technology being developed by a team at Kaust. This sensor is easy to build and opens up broader possibilities for researchers. more
USA/Canada: Biology and Climate Change
Predicting Budburst in Spring Through Plant Genetics
Although climate skeptics might find it hard to believe with this year’s endless snow and freezing temperatures in North America, climate change is making warm, sunny early springs increasingly common. And that affects when trees start to leaf out. But how much? A study showed that a plant's genetics can be used to produce more accurate predictions of when its leaves will burst bud in spring. more
USA: Engineering Services
Bayer Breaks Ground for New Cell Culture Technology Center in California
Fluor announced that a groundbreaking event was held for Bayer’s first-of-a-kind cell culture technology center in Berkeley, California. The engineering company is providing a single point of responsibility for engineering, procurement, construction management and commissioning, qualification and validation of the facility that will produce oncology and other therapeutics. more
USA: Business Deal
Arkema to Acquire US-Based Specialty Surfactants Firm Arr Maz
The acquisition of Arr Maz will enable Arkema to strengthen its long-term ambition of achieving over 80 % of sales in specialties by 2023. Arr Maz has commercial presence across North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. more
USA: Expansion of Rare Disease Portfolio
Pfizer Acquires Biotech Company Therachon
Pfizer has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all the shares of Therachon, a privately-held clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on rare diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, the US-company will pay $ 340 million upfront with an additional $ 470 million in additional payments contingent. more
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