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Japan: Climate Change
When Bees and Plants Miss Their Date
Early snowmelt increases the risk of phenological mismatch, in which the flowering of periodic plants and pollinators fall out of sync, compromising seed production. Gaku Kudo of Hokkaido University and Elisabeth J. Cooper of the Arctic University of Norway have demonstrated that early snowmelt results in the spring ephemeral Corydalis ambigua flowering ahead of the emergence of its pollinator, the bumblebee. more
Errors in Method Transfer
What if Two Chromatograms do not Look Perfectly Alike?
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods are commonly developed on instruments different to those used for routine application. The following article describes the challenges this poses for users. more
DNA from 31,000-Year-Old Milk Teeth (Scientific Image of the Day)
Organisms, cell structures and molecules made visible in absolute detail, experimental setups viewed from short distance and much more. Our gallery 'Scientific Image of the Day' provides a lot of exciting insights into the world of science — just one click away. more


The Original since 1883
Filter papers for laboratory & industry
Hahnemühle manufactures an internationally renowned range of premium filter papers. We laid the foundations for our success with the development & production of our types 589/1 to 589/6. Our product line has grown steadily & until 2004, was fabricated & distributed under the Schleicher & Schuell brand. Since 2008 Hahnemühle has marketed these papers under it’s own name. more...
Sweden: Biology
Fear of Being Eaten Makes Fish More Likely to Become ill
Predators are not only a deadly threat to many animals, they also affect potential prey negatively simply by being nearby. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have studied what happens to the prey’s immune system when they are forced to expend a large amount of their energy on avoiding being eaten. more
Switzerland: Robotics
Robot-Ants Inspired by Nature
A team of EPFL researchers has developed tiny 10-gram robots that can communicate with each other, assign roles among themselves and complete complex tasks together. These reconfigurable robots are simple in structure, but they can jump and crawl to explore uneven surfaces. more
Spain: Microtechnology
Microchips from Spain Will Measure the Wind on Mars
The Micro and Nanotechnology Research Group (MNT) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (UPC) has participated in developing the wind sensor of the Meda instrument, which will be one of the scientific instruments on board the rover on Nasa’s mission Mars 2020. more
Japan: Harvesting Biomass
Algae as a Basic Material for Green Chemistry
Researchers at the University of Tsukuba have developed a new system for evaporating the water from algae biomass with reusable nanoporous graphene. Their discovery might lead to cheaper, more environmentally friendly biofuels and fine chemicals. more
Switzerland: Basel Life 2019
Big Data Set to Usher in Next Generation of Molecular Medicine
The international [BC]2 conference and Embo meeting at Basel Life from September 9 to 12, offers a unique opportunity for scientists to get insights and share the latest discoveries, resources and approaches to make sense of genomic and health-related “big data” for molecular medicine — from precision oncology to infectious diseases. more
Sweden: Biochemistry
A Natural Neurotoxin Targets Malaria Transmitting Mosquitos
Researchers at the universities in Stockholm and Lund, in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, have found a new toxin that selectively targets mosquitos. This can lead to innovative and environmentally friendly approaches to reduce malaria. more
Chemists Develop Method for Discovering New Reactions
Whether they are synthetic materials, medicines or flavourings, life without synthetically produced compounds is barely conceivable in our everyday lives. To produce suitable molecules, the industry depends on efficient, long-term methods. Chemists from Münster, Erlangen and Leipzig have developed a method to discover new and unexpected reactions. The study was published in the ‘Chem’ journal. more
USA: Business Transaction
Agilent to Acquire Life Science Instrumentation Specialist Biotek
Agilent Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-owned Biotek Instruments for $ 1.165 billion. With anticipated tax benefits for Agilent, the net purchase price is expected to be approximately $ 1.05 billion. more
Sweden: Unique Cryptotag
New Code Ensures Traceability in the Textile Industry
How can a garment's origin be derived in a safe and credible way? How can the producer guarantee that it has been produced in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable way? A new, secure traceability system developed in a research project at the University of Borås is to ensure all that. more
Modular Bioreactor
Sartorius Launched New Modular Bioreactor Vessel for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications
Following the trend towards biopharmaceutical medicine Sartorius launched for its ambr 250 modular benchtop automated mini bioreactor system new vessels, which are designed for gentle stirring and optimum growth of cell lines. The system allows cost-effective, scalable process development of cell and gene therapies. more
USA: Breakthrough Technology
BP Invests 30 Million Dollars to Produce Animal Feeds from Natural Gas
BP Ventures has invested in a breakthrough technology by California-based start-up Calysta which aims to produce protein for fish, livestock and pet feeds by making use of BP’s natural gas. The new technology also has the potential to meet the growing global demand for protein feed in a more sustainable manner. more
The Netherlands: Sustainable Innovations
Avantium Bags 1.46 Million Dollar Funding for Bio-Industry Consortium ‘Vehicle‘
The Vehicle project aims to develop 100 % plant-based chemicals from renewable raw materials. Consortium members also intend to increase business opportunities of existing and future biorefineries by showcasing the applicability of their sugar streams in numerous downstream options. more
USA: Management Decision
Pfizer Appoints Dr. Scott Gottlieb to Board of Directors
Dr. Gottlieb was also elected to the Regulatory and Compliance Committee and the Science and Technology Committee of Pfizer’s Board. Currently, he is a Special Partner of the New Enterprise Associations’ healthcare investment team and a Resident Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute. more
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