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Eppendorf celebrates the 60th birthday of a pipetting masterstroke.
Liquids Handling

Professional Pipetting Celebrates 60th Birthday

Sixty years ago, Eppendorf introduced the world’s first industrially manufactured piston-stroke pipette. Launched in 1961, the Eppendorf “Marburg Pipette” already featured the same basic elements as those found in today’s labs: a spring-loaded piston that stops precisely at a set volume level and a removable pipette tip made of plastic.

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Tecan’s Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation with newly developed Tube Rotator automates pre-analytical processing of whole blood samples.
Switzerland: Lab Automation

This is How You Can Automate Pre-Analytical Processing of Whole Blood Samples

Tecan has launched the Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation to provide end-to-end automation for whole blood pipetting in clinical environments. This newly developed instrument configuration is intended to standardize pre-analytical sample handling and mixing, and is part of an ongoing collaboration with Qiagen to optimize sample preparation for latent tuberculosis (TB) testing with the Quanti Feron-TB Gold Plus assay.

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