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Eppendorf celebrates the 60th birthday of a pipetting masterstroke. (Eppendorf)
Liquids Handling

Professional Pipetting Celebrates 60th Birthday

Sixty years ago, Eppendorf introduced the world’s first industrially manufactured piston-stroke pipette. Launched in 1961, the Eppendorf “Marburg Pipette” already featured the same basic elements as those found in today’s labs: a spring-loaded piston that stops precisely at a set volume level and a removable pipette tip made of plastic.

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 (Public Domain)
Achema Pulse: Enabling Technologies

What Does the Lab of the Future Look Like?

Do scientists and researcherx still need to be physically present in the lab of the future? Will the workbenches still be rectangular and will cobots do all the annoying routine tasks? The panel discussion “Enabling Technologies for the Laboratory of the Future” at Achema Pulse highlighted the promising advantages of cutting edge technology in the laboratory ecosystem. LAB worldwide summarizes this insightful discussion.

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Pablo Perez-Pinera, left, and Karin Jensen developed remote laboratory exercises to help students learn common lab techniques. (University of Illinois/ Karin Jensen)
USA: Remote Learning

Clever Solution for Remote Lab Experience

During the Covid-19 pandemic, laboratory courses were difficult to conduct due to lack of access to specialized equipment for remote learners. To overcome this challenge, researchers designed a laboratory exercise to teach students how to use micropipettes, through remote learning, using at-home kits.

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