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Tube Handler Sample Management System for Sorting Valuable Samples

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Micronic’s latest solution – the Tube Handler HT500 is a sample management system which proves useful for automatic sorting of valuable samples.

Micronic has launched the Tube Handler HT500.
Micronic has launched the Tube Handler HT500.
(Source: Micronic)

Micronic has launched the Tube Handler HT500. The HT500 is an efficient and effective answer for otherwise monotonous and mistake inclined manual arraying of sample tubes, shares the company. Reconfigure or single out sample tubes in 96-well format Micronic racks (ANSI/SLAS standard) for downstream processes.

The user-friendly software interface allows setting quarantine conditions and run parameters that meet end users’ specific requirements. Likewise, it can be configured to use worklist files from USB thumb drive courtesy of its intuitive design.

With the supplied handheld 1D barcode reader, the 1D rack barcode and the place on the handling-platform can be scanned, ensuring the correct source and target rack are determined, adds the firm. On top of that, the integrated 2D tube code reader double checks whether the sample tubes are selected correctly during the arraying process and provides traceability for information transfer to database and LIMS systems.

The Micronic Tube Handler HT500 can handle capped and uncapped Micronic tubes from 0.30 ml to 1.40 ml. It has a capacity of 20 racks: at least one target rack and one source rack must be specified per run. In combination with the speed of approximately 250 tubes per hour this data-driven device effectively automates tasks in the lab.


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