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Switzerland: Clinical Labs Sample Collection and Processing with Multichannel Electronic Pipette

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The Viaflo 96 facilitates the processing of hundreds or thousands of samples per day using auto Neotreyx Mitra workflow, the manufacturer claims. Using the Viaflo 96 up to 96 samples can be processed in parallel.

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Using the Viaflo 96 up to 96 samples can be processed in parallel.
Using the Viaflo 96 up to 96 samples can be processed in parallel.
(Source: Integra)

Zizers/Switzerland — An increasing number of clinical labs are being confronted with a growing need to process more samples in parallel without jeopardizing the quality of their results. At a certain point it becomes impossible to keep up the pace using traditional multichannel pipettes. Yet, many users are hesitant to invest into automated liquid handling equipment because of the complexity and costs associated with such systems.

The ViafloI 96 / 384 system closes the gap between traditional manual pipettes and robotic systems. Neoteryx applies Integra's Viaflo 96 multichannel electronic pipette as an integral part of a new high throughput biological sample collection and processing system. Using the Mitra Microsampling device from Neoteryx it is now possible to collect biological samples, such as blood, and process them efficiently using Integra’s Viaflo 96 96-channel system.

The Mitra device is based on Volumetrix Absorptive Microsampling (Vams) technology which allows accurate and reliable collection of 10 or 20 µl of blood (or other biological fluid) in seconds. This technique also eliminates the volumetric hematocrit bias typically associated with the traditional dried blood spotting technique, the supplier says.

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