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Molecular Transport Media Safe Sample Testing for Multiple Pathogens

Editor: Doris Popp

EKF Diagnostics has added a novel viral transport media for the safe sample handling and testing of multiple infectious diseases from a single swab to its product range.

Prime Store MTM technology enables safe sample handling and testing for multiple pathogens from one sample swab
Prime Store MTM technology enables safe sample handling and testing for multiple pathogens from one sample swab
(Source: EKF Diagnostics)

Prime Store MTM (Molecular Transport Medium) is a sample collection device which deactivates viruses, including Covid-19, flu A, flu B, HIV and TB.

Traditional viral transport media (VTM) were designed for transporting live samples to be cultured and also contain ingredients that inhibit optimal molecular testing. However, modern molecular tests do not require viable virus, but just intact microbial nucleic acids. Molecular testing is now widespread due to its improved performance and turnaround times compared to traditional microbiology testing. In fact, most currently approved tests for Covid-19 and other infectious diseases are nucleic acid based molecular assays, so removing the need for and risk of live pathogen transportation for routine testing.

Designed and optimised for molecular testing, Prime Store MTM is a unique FDA class 2 cleared sample collection and transportation device that effectively kills viral and bacterial pathogens whilst preserving and stabilising the released DNA and RNA. The molecular transport media supports many downstream molecular applications, including qPCR and next generation sequencing. The sample can be safely stored at ambient temperature for up to 7 days and re-used several times. As well as reducing the risks of handling live pathogenic samples, this also cuts costs by eliminating cold chain requirement and need for Category 3 facilities, as testing can take place outside of containment.

“Prime Store MTM is a real game changer for the sampling and transport of pathogenic samples from a safety, reliability and cost perspective,” said Julian Baines, CEO, EKF Diagnostics. “It’s clear that we need a strong testing programme ready for flu season and a potential second wave of COVID-19 – as thousands of people are going to start presenting with symptoms that could be flu or coronavirus. We have a sample collection kit that was designed in 2006 specifically for pandemics, it’s FDA cleared and CE IVD marked, and can be used to collect both flu and COVID-19 samples in one kit. The kit immediately neutralises infectious samples and doesn’t require refrigerated transport so it’s safer, cheaper and easier to use than standard collection kits.”