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Analytical Instruments Routine Analysis of Low Solubility, High Molecular Weight Compounds

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The Ionrocket sample preparation device from Bio Chromato, used in combination with Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (Dart-MS), enables routine analysis of low solubility, high molecular weight compounds.

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Ionrocket visualizes hidden compounds in samples.
Ionrocket visualizes hidden compounds in samples.
(Source: Bio Chromato)

Phthalocyanine based pigments are widely used for organic semiconductors and organic electroluminescence displays due to their clearness, high light stability, and durability. However, the chemical structure of Phthalocyanine based pigments are difficult to analyze due to their high molecular weight and low solubility.

Bio Chromato published an´application report that provides data illustrating how Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (Dart-MS) together with Ionrocket sample introduction enabled structural information to be determined concisely and rapidly. The analysis was done under atmospheric conditions, and without pre-treatment.

The Ionrocket is a temperature-heating device for direct thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples, prior to ionization and analysis by mass spectrometry. Using Ionrocket a temperature gradient from ambient up to 600°C can be achieved in just a few minutes. This enables insoluble, high molecular weight materials to be pyrolyzed and then introduced into the Dart-MS gas stream.

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