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Particle Analyser Reproducible Analysis of Particle Shape and Size

Editor: Doris Popp |

The Fritsch Analysette 28 Imagesizer for dry and wet measurement is the ideal particle sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size.

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Analysette 28 Imagesizer for dry measurement of powders and solids
Analysette 28 Imagesizer for dry measurement of powders and solids
(Source: Fritsch)

The optical method of dynamic image analysis delivers results for particle sizes from 20 μm to 20 mm with a multitude of shape parameters and evaluation options. According to the producer the particle sizer offers excellent flexibility for different measurement tasks. Even agglomerating samples can be processed easily by using the optional wet dispersion unit. Furthermore it is ideal for powders and bulk solids as well as for suspensions and emulsions. Fast evaluation at high image resolution is possible – up to 75 images per second in microscopy quality. For fast single image viewing, each individual particle can be opened directly from the Fritsch Cloud with a mouse click. The information about the morphology will be shown by the position of the data point in the Cloud. Without time-consuming search, users can immediately analyse and evaluate individual selected particles using all available size and shape parameters.