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Glass Vial Deep-well plate Removes Risk of False Peaks

Editor: Doris Popp

Porvair Sciences new Glass Vial Deep-well plate is designed to ensure that absolutely no extractables or leachates are present in a withdrawn sample, thereby removing the risk of false peaks in sensitive uHPLC and MS applications.

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Glass Vial Deep-well plate
Glass Vial Deep-well plate
(Source: Porvair)

This high-quality product combines 96 x 1 ml tapered or flat bottomed glass vials held firmly in each well of a 2 ml 96 Deep-well plate. According to a Press Release by Porvair the Glass Vial Deep-well plates are less costly than solid glass plates and are precisely manufactured to comply with ANSI/SLAS dimensions to ensure complete compatibility with automated equipment. Complimented by a snug fitting silicone cap mat which seals each vial individually, with a pre-scored septum, the plates allow an autosampler to pierce each septum and withdraw sample from each sealed vial with high precision and reproducibility.

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