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Life Science Filter Paper Reliable components for medical diagnostics, molecular biology and pharmaceuticals

Editor: Doris Popp

High-performing paper and fiberglass media from Hahnemühle are characterized by first-class raw materials and a special production process, according to the company. These products are used in lateral flow and flow-through tests or dipsticks, e.g., as critical “point of care” urine test strips.

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High-performing paper and fiberglass media for urine test strips.
High-performing paper and fiberglass media for urine test strips.
(Source: Hahnemühle)

Additionally, they are impregnated and used as sampling devices for detection reactions with enzymes and antibodies. The high quality of the components also allows them to be used for the separation and isolation of DNA and RNA, and thus in tests for viral and bacterial infections. Completing the range are Hahnemühle membranes and syringe filters for microbiological analysis, for the detection of microorganisms and for clarification and sterilization of biological liquids and nutrient media. Hahnemühle is a global company that has been producing high-quality customized filter papers for industrial applications, as well as a standard range for laboratory filtration, for over 130 years. Thanks to constantly evolving production processes and strategic partnerships with end-users, Hahnemühle is able to serve its customers with new products.